Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day Of Motor Development

Going into the first day of Motor Development, I was unsure what to think about this class. Taking a few classes of Physical Education last semester, I remember professors talking about a new approach to Phys. Ed. During class Dr. Yang began pull the strings together, and the new philosophy of Physical Education became clear to me. Dr Yang made it clear that Physical Education is not just about sports and competition, but it is about the development of skills and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It is up to the new Physical Educators to take this idea, and bring it into the schools to create this new outlook at Phys. Ed.


  1. Interested in the better way to play dodgeball. We played it last week for my sons birthday party. What can you tell me about it?

  2. Well Mick, a simple way to keep people involved is to make an alleyway along the side of entire court, then split the the alleyway in the middle. When someone gets out they cross over into the alley box diagonal from their side, where they are able to throw dodgeballs from the side. If they hit someone, then they return back into the game on the main court. This form of dodgeball would most likely work best if you have a cone with a ball as a target on each side as well.