Monday, February 15, 2010

Cortland Meets St. Mary's Students

Day 1

While working with second and third grade students at St. Mary’s, I observed differences in motor behavior and social behavior. These differences were varied among gender. Motor behavior was very simple to see differences between the young boys and girls. The little boy seemed to have more control over his motor skills by using his arms to pump as he ran, while the girl had her arms flaring all over. As far as social in the game of tag, girls would only tag other girls, while boys would tag a boy, or girl depending on who was close to them. The little girls also tended to running with each other, holding hands or side by side, while boys ran alone. I also observed that the young girls had more control of their fine motor skills. Compared to the boys, who would pick up the animal cracker with their entire hand, the girls would pick it up slowly with their index finger and thumb. It was clear to see motor behavior, social behavior, and fine motor skill vary among gender.


  1. Great observations of the fine and gross motor skills! It is truely interesting to see the differences in socialization between the females and males at this age.

  2. I really like how you looked past the games and how chaotic the class was. Nice job observing certain students and the differences between the boys and girls at the same age. Maybe compare this in later labs to students who are older or younger than the students you observed today and see how they develop over time!