Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Olympics Hit St. Mary's

Lab 2

The Olympics arrived at St.Mary's this week, and everybody was striving for the gold! We worked on the locomotor skills, running, galloping, and hoping throughout our activities, and it was a huge success. The students of St. Marys had a great time, while the myself and my classmates had the opportunity to observe their locomotor skills. Beyond the skills we also were able to witness how a simple game working on skills can put a smile on young students faces. I learned that if you get down to their eye level and are willing to work with them, they in return will work with you. Both Cortland students, and St. Marys's students were able to develop their skills while having a good time using the Winter Olympics as our theme for the day.


  1. Getting down to their level really helps your communication with the students! Make sure you stay slightly above them at the same time so everyone is able to see and hear you. Something I told your other group members is to make sure you transition quickly between games or activities you have prepared for the students. The longer it takes you to set up an activity, the more the students will bug you to play the games they want to play. If you move from one game right to another, they will stay more focused on your games and not continue to ask to play the games they want to play! Great job!

  2. The students feel so much more comfortable when you get down to their level when you are speaking. It gets the students more easily motivated to play. Great observations! I love that you used the Olympic rings and the symbol from this years games!