Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny Makes A Stop At St. Mary's

Lab 4

This week lab was Easter themed given that of the holiday is coming up. My group worked with the pre-k students this week, and it was drastic change from working with the other students. The pre-k students were harder to keep on task, but they were very willing to try any activity we came up with. Our task was to view their object control skills with overhand throwing, so we came up with a simple game called Easter Bunny Rescue. The main point to the game was for students to obtain an Easter egg, and then throw it into the hula hoop with the matching sign for the color of the egg. I was surprised that I only had to say it once and the students immediately understood. In the classroom I also noticed how the pre-k were much more willing to come up to you and start talking about anything or even just invite you to play with the toys around them. My group brought in a variety Easter coloring pictures for the pre-k, and when they were done posted them on a gigantic poster for everyone to see inside the gym. Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, I think they really enjoyed the Easter theme.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

National PE Conference: Indianapolis 2010

Day 1

Today we flew into Indianapolis from Long Island, on a flight that seemed too short to be true. The big question of the day was which time zone were we in? After arriving and checking into the hotel we proceeded down the block to the Indianapolis Convention Center to check into the convention and obtain our id cards. Being that most people were still arriving, the convention didn't have a lot of programs running so we decided to wander the city in the beautiful 65 degree weather.

Day 2

Besides the SUNY Cortland mini conference, today was my first day attending physical education workshops. Today I attended:

1-Focused Fitness: No Nonsense Games: Activities with a Purpose
  • This was a great session about criteria in p.e. classes, bringing lessons about the body, and nutrition into the gym. The presenter Ron stressed the idea that as physical educators we are business men/women, without selling our class we will be criticized, and students will not buy into participating in class.
2-Hip-Hop & Country, Too!
  • This session was a lot of fun learning three new country line dances and three new hip-hop dances. With fellow Cortland students and Cortland alumni, we had a blast, while putting our dance skills to the test learning dances at the elementary, secondary, and college level. Jack and Mike took the session to a higher level, and with their enthusiasm were rewarded with the cd of music for all the songs.
3-Hopsports Demo
  • Hopsports is an awesome new program that gives teachers an opportunity to show demonstrations on a projector how to perform different sport skills with perfection and common imperfections. It also allows a teacher to put a circuit up the gym wall that shows the movements of each station, allowing for students to look up to their station on the projector to model after. Check out this circuit here.
Day 3

1-Get On Track With the "New" Physical Best Activities Guide(s)
  • This was a fun session with quick games from the new Physical Best Activities Guide. Each game was simple, with a small amount of equipment, but got your heart racing instantly.
2-Skillastics: Standards-based Fitness Fun for Everyone!
  • This is a great fairly new program for teaching anything from fitness to soccer to winter sports in one pattern with interchangeable game boards. Its an easy way for teachers to work on skills or fitness with a small amount of instruction time.
3-Fun Running and Easily Organized Games
  • This workshop gave different ways to spice up running and conditioning with simple games. It showed while having fun, students can condition their bodies without thinking about the actual running.
4-Healthy Highway-Innovative, Imaginative Nutrition and Exercise Program for Children.
  • Healthy Highway is a great new program about healthy eating habits, but is incorporated into small activities that are open to variation based on the equipment available to you.

Day 4
1-Zumba, the Miami Way

  • Zumba is a great way to get in shape with movement. This is typically offered in location gyms for adults and is a combination of movements into dances that work your muscles and flexibility
2-Tag Free Instant Activities
  • This session was about 10 ways to get students active right when the walk in the door without having to play tag.
3-Whats In Your W.A.L.L.E.T? -Winning Activities Learners Love Every Time
  • This was a look at activities and curriculum that a physical educator from Maryland, and another from New Jersey use in their P.E. classes. It gave a couple great activities that students love no matter how old they are.
4-Got 20/20 Vision? 2009 TOYS Are Looking to the Future
  • Teachers Of theYear of 2009, taught their award winning lessons and dances.
5-Everyone Move: Daily Physical Activity in Small & Large Spaces
  • This was a great session for one of those days where your in a classroom because school pictures are in the gymnasium. It offered ways to get the heart pumping with little space needed.

Day 5
1-Globalizing the Physical Education Curriculum.
  • This was an eye opening session to show that P.E. is different in countries outside the US. The presenter talked about getting a common curriculum in other countries by creating connections.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homework 3/10/2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dinosaurs Attack St. Mary's!

Lab 3

This week in lab Dinosaurs roared into the halls of St.Marys! They brought Dino's of all sizes and created nests in the gym! While running around the gym we were able to play "Capture The Dinosaur Eggs", entailing Cortland students guarding one den of eggs, while St. Mary's students guarded the nest of eggs across the gym. Both teams of students tried their hardest to snatch the other den's eggs', but the St. Mary's students were too fast! Cortland lost almost all 20 of their egg's, while St. Mary's students racked up and extra 14 eggs on top of their original 20! After to close the day we learned the Dinosaur Hokey Pokey, which everyone seemed to enjoy. On a professional note, we were able to work on the locomotor skills, leap, slide, and horizontal jump, while having a good time with dinosaur music, and games. I learned a valuable lesson in lab, that if you get into character and set the environment with posters, and music, students will be more willing to participate.