Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dinosaurs Attack St. Mary's!

Lab 3

This week in lab Dinosaurs roared into the halls of St.Marys! They brought Dino's of all sizes and created nests in the gym! While running around the gym we were able to play "Capture The Dinosaur Eggs", entailing Cortland students guarding one den of eggs, while St. Mary's students guarded the nest of eggs across the gym. Both teams of students tried their hardest to snatch the other den's eggs', but the St. Mary's students were too fast! Cortland lost almost all 20 of their egg's, while St. Mary's students racked up and extra 14 eggs on top of their original 20! After to close the day we learned the Dinosaur Hokey Pokey, which everyone seemed to enjoy. On a professional note, we were able to work on the locomotor skills, leap, slide, and horizontal jump, while having a good time with dinosaur music, and games. I learned a valuable lesson in lab, that if you get into character and set the environment with posters, and music, students will be more willing to participate.

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  1. Great job with the dinosaur hokey pokey! The poster was great! You will learn when you take 255, that a visual aid is great and really captures the students attention. It also helps those students who are visual learners! Nice Job.