Tuesday, April 27, 2010

St. Mary's Superhero's In Training

Lab 6

Monday was our final meeting with the St. Mary's students, and what better way to go out then with a Superhero theme. Superman, The Incredible's, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman were all in attendance with the creation of some new superhero's as well. My group dressed as The Incredibles, and were set up to work with the pre-k group for our final time. With limited space we brought small, white capes, and markers for the students to design their own superhero capes, and it was a huge success. Unlike our previous time with the students, every pre-k student wanted to be involved with the art project and really showed us a piece of themselves with their self expressions with their drawings. Some students wanted poke a dots everywhere, while other students went into more detail drawing their favorite superheros. When it was time for the parachute in the gym, students went crazy as if someone had dropped a pile of candy in front of them. The St. Marys students put all their effort into creating waves, using their entire body to jump and shake the parachute at once, but once they stopped and got a quick break they were ready play more games. Inline with the superhero theme we played air conditioner with the students, but modified it that they had to close their eyes and put their arms out as if they were flying with superman. Students had a blast and continually wanted to play air conditioner. The entire day was a success, and I think it was manly due to the level of excitement and enthusiasm toward the superhero theme.

In reflection to our time at St. Marys, I think it was an outstanding experience that I never could have gotten from simply being in a classroom. Although the students were sometimes difficult to get to participate it helped to show me that it isn't going to be a walk in the park teaching physical education. Its going to take a lot of enthusiasm, planning, preparation, and energy to make the most out of every class. The St. Mary's students deserve a thank you, they have given all of my classmates and I, lesson's of teaching that will help shape us throughout our careers.

Harry Harlow's Monkey Study

In Harlow's study with infant monkeys, we can see a connection to human development as well. Harlow's found that the monkeys would use the wire mother for food, but would spend countless hours on the mother with the warm cloth, this shows that comfort and support is important to infants at a young age. To relate this to human infant development, a baby will typically drink of bottle of baby formula from anyone, but when they become upset they typically will only calm down and relax again when in the comfort of their parents. Without comfort and support from a mother or father figure can have a huge impact on a child both physically and mentally, and in some cases create stress.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

St. Mary's Goes To Infinity and Beyond!

Lab 5

This week at St. Mary's, lab was themed Toy Story 3. Students had the opportunity to play soccer like Woody, get money in the bank with Hamm, and jump to infinity and beyond with Buzz! We were looking to observe the locomotor skills for dribble both soccer style and basketball style, and also soccer kicking. Although it took some time to witness all three skills, I was able to notice a trend within the age level. Many students in the kindergarten and first grade group had many of the same issues with moving their body with the soccer kicks. Most students preferred to have the ball stationary, then kick from a stationary position also. The only time I saw moment toward the ball was when students were chasing their soccer balls outside the activity. As far as dribbling, most students were pretty good at using their finger pads to bounce the basketballs. Our day ended with a great big cheer, as you can see below.