Wednesday, April 14, 2010

St. Mary's Goes To Infinity and Beyond!

Lab 5

This week at St. Mary's, lab was themed Toy Story 3. Students had the opportunity to play soccer like Woody, get money in the bank with Hamm, and jump to infinity and beyond with Buzz! We were looking to observe the locomotor skills for dribble both soccer style and basketball style, and also soccer kicking. Although it took some time to witness all three skills, I was able to notice a trend within the age level. Many students in the kindergarten and first grade group had many of the same issues with moving their body with the soccer kicks. Most students preferred to have the ball stationary, then kick from a stationary position also. The only time I saw moment toward the ball was when students were chasing their soccer balls outside the activity. As far as dribbling, most students were pretty good at using their finger pads to bounce the basketballs. Our day ended with a great big cheer, as you can see below.

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  1. Great job with this lab. It is very difficult to keep the students on task when you are outside, but you did a great job with that. Also, very nice observing the difference between the grade levels. This will become very useful in the future!