Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Queen of The UM" - Jack Murphy

After watching the clip of me teaching, I now understand why Jack called me "Queen of the um's". I practiced everything I wanted to say and do in my lesson, but even with preparation things don't always go as planned. In the last 30 seconds of my clip my mind went blank looking for words as I wanted to wrap up the lesson. I now know saying "umm" is something I need to work on in the future. As far as the rest of the lesson, I'm proud to see where I came from in just two short weeks. My introduction, hook, and demonstration went very well, but for next time I need to add in a signal of attention, and a safety statement. I was able to get my three main points of instruction in, and check for understanding with a few questions while having everyone perform the cues. Also for my next lesson I need to walk around to give specific feedback, but I was unable to do that this lesson due to an odd number of students. A very valuable lesson I learned from this is that preparation is key to having your lesson run smooth with no lag time.

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