Sunday, October 3, 2010

L'Eggo My Eggo!

Well its only been two short weeks from lab A, and I can see a difference in my teaching. For one, I didnt say "hmmm" to much due to my preparation. I tried to recite everything I practiced during the week, but in the heat of the moment my presentation came out slightly different. Even though I changed it up a little, my goals were still obtained because I knew where i was going with my lesson in four minutes. If you watched my video carefully, you can see I also had two students slip off into the closet. Professor Yang threw me the curve ball, but even though my back was never turned to the class, I didn't pick up on them slipping away. I thought it was fishy when my TA was throwing the Frisbee, but again that was another curve ball so that I would give her corrective feedback. Overall I'm happy with how my lesson went, I demonstrated, broke down the cues, and demonstrated again. In my next lesson I need to add in a signal of attention. I'm excited for lab C, after seeing how well this lab went.

Here's a how my time broke down during the lesson

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