Sunday, October 17, 2010

P.P.R. - Preparation, Practice, and Repetition

Lab B2 didn't go as well as I hoped it would. I felt the pressure as I got ready to teach my lesson with only one day preparation, little practice, and barely any repetition. I went back step from Lab B1, and started saying "um" a lot and other fillers.
After looking at time coding, I spent a little bit more time with instruction and management, and way to much time with waiting. This issue was due to me creating a drill, instead of an activity.  Although I felt my drill is a good thing to work on, I should have found a better way to alter it so more people were moving, instead of waiting around for the Frisbee to get to them. This made it very hard to see everyone work on the task, using the cues stated. As far as feedback, my drill didn't allow for me to see everyone moving for the full 4 minutes, so my chances of giving feedback were limited to the 4 to 5 throws each person had. Although it gave me the opportunity to give specific and congruent feedback, with more opportunities to see more throws, I could have given more people feedback, as well as more specific feedback.

As far as improvements, I tried to have more energy and be excited about my lesson. Being outside made it difficult to talk over the class next to us, but I think I talked loud enough for everyone to hear me. I also positioned myself in the middle of class so I could move quickly to specific people to help My hook for the lesson was quick to the point and applied the same principle that was the base of the lesson.  My objective of the lesson in the cognitive domain included NASPE standard 2 which states a physically educated person will demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics. I accomplished this by students being able to recite the three cognitive cues used when your locked out moving foward in an Ultimate Frisbee game. In my next lesson, I hope to improve on feedback as well as activity time. I feel the reason behind my set back was due to my lack of preparation, practice, and repetition of what I wanted to accomplish.

Take a look at my forms for Lab B2

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