Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SUNY Cortland Mini Conference

On Friday October 8th, I attended the SUNY Cortland Mini Conference. This was my second time at the mini conference but my first time being involved. This year I stepped up to the plate and became a Presider, and I was fortunate enough to get a great session. I was given the opportunity to introduce Professor Stephen Yang, and his exergame technology session. Although I arrived at 7 am to help Professor Yang set up, I wasn't able to get try out the different stations until later, when I found myself staying for the second session because I was having such a good time. The session included Idance, a stationary bike, connected to PS3 for the game "Cars", Just Dance through the Wii Console, and Basketball through Xbox connected by a step machine. Through my own experience I find the exergames to be great way to have fun and perform some at high levels of fitness. After 1 lap on the game stationary bike, my heart rate was at 140 bpm, and my legs were dead tired as if I had just run a 400 meter race.

After the Professor Yang's session, I moved on to attend a two hour Salsa dance session. This session was taught by a local guy from the Syracuse area, who had a vast knowledge of Colombian salsa from his travels. He started very simple, and had us moving for the entire time, slowly progressing from dance  to dance by just adding simple movements. This session was a great way to work on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains which are the basics for physical education. Lucky enough, one of my classmates taped the entire session, and I'm excited to say I'll be teaching Colombian salsa in a few weeks.

Overall, the conference was outstanding! Keynote speaker, Chris Xavier really made an impact on my view of life. She spoke about her rough life, and how she see's herself not as a victim but a survivor. For example, Dr. Xavier was trapped in the tsunami back in 2004, where hundreds of people drown around her, after watching the massive wave come up the shore. She's also had family problems, and health problems as she goes onto surgery # 18. I wish more people could have heard her powerful speech, because we all look at things as a victim of the situation, but as long as we make it through, we are survivors, and a stronger person, ready to move on.

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  1. Excellent summary and work at the conference Ben. Thanks for dedicating yourself to our profession and the future of better PE.