Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Business Of Teaching

Inside of every teacher you need to have a door to door salesmen mindset. We as teachers need to be able to sell our products to students. What are these products? As Physical Educators we need to sell them the life skills to help them to develop into active, healthy, skill full participants of the world. We hold the keys, to help them unlock the doors to their future, and take it in any direction they choose. Your probably thinking, well how do I get them to take these skills and use them? You need to have your students believe in you, and more importantly believe in themselves. The video below is an inspiring clip from my PED 434 class. Dalton Sherman shows us the importance of the teacher - student relationship. This is why we have to practice what we teach, and know it inside and out, so our students can use our products to benefit, and improve their lives, and hopefully inspire other people they encounter.

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