Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fall Semester At St. Mary's

Another semester under my belt at St. Marys, but this time with a new hat. I returned with my 201 lab group, Jackie and Jen to be teaching assistants for the lab portion of class. This fall was a great experience, to see how things work at St. Mary's in the Fall, which I have come to find out is very different from the Spring. This Fall we were able to go outside just about every weekend, which gave me a view of the students playing kickball, and running around on the playground. In the after school program, students typically get very competitive, and energic from sitting in class all day, and it definitely showed when they went outside on the play ground. Students were constantly running up to me saying "Your IT!" and running in the other direction laughing. The students had their own set of rules, where if they were touching anything they were safe, making it almost impossible for me to tag anyone. I guess that's what you get when you act like a goofball with kids.

On the note of a TA, it was also a great experience to use what I learned from my own experience to help the new 201 students. I tired to help my groups as much as possible, by leading them in the right direction, but never giving them the exact answer or idea. They all grew tremendously from the first day of class to the last day. At first everyone was more concerned with what their classmates would think if they dressed up for lab, then actually believing that the kids would really enjoy it. Jen, Jackie, and I dressed up for Lab 1, to show them its all about the kids, and slowly groups began to dress up.At our last lab everyone was dressed up for Christmas, everyone brought in visual aids, which definitely helped them keep the attention of the St. Mary's students. Overall, Im proud of the all the students from lab, and its a great feeling to know I was there to help them grow as teacher candidates.

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