Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ignite The Light Within Your Students


A mere music video, with a powerful message. Katy Perry's Firework, has a great message for everyone. We sometimes forget that we are all special in our own ways. We shy away from situations because we don't want to stand out in the crowd, or be judged by our friends. As professional's working with students to shape their minds, we have to be careful about the situations we put students in. We have to put thought into the impact our lessons will have on our students learning. In class we often teach the physical, and cognitive skills that the class calls for, but shaping our lesson to effect a students life for the future, will give our lessons a greater impact on our students. Teaching students through the affective domain to work on self confidence, respect, and teamwork could set a student up for future success. As teachers we sometimes forget about the affective domain, but in essence the affective domain is just as important, if not possibly more important to student learning. So remember, you are a firework, so go and let your colors burst, give all you have to offer as a teacher, and help your students shine in the future.

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