Friday, December 17, 2010

Physical Education Professionals Flock to Turning Stone

 November 18th, through the 20th was the New York State Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance convention at Turning Stone Casino. The conference had an amazing turn out with educators from all across the state. We sometimes don't realize that our state is so big that from Buffalo to the end of Long Island is almost seven hours, and this convention is a great way for educators within our state to talk, demonstrate, and give idea's that work with their students. Below you can read the notes I have from the sessions. 

Thursday Nov. 18th

  "Aim For The Brain" Action Based Activities That Stimulate Learning
This session was to demonstrate the positive effects of physical activity connected with the cognitive functioning of the brain. Presenters from Adelphi University talked about the effects of getting both sides of the body moving, with simple things that worked on both sides of the brain such as walking but opposite elbow and knee touch every step. They used a variety of activities:
  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors - A quick game of rock, paper, scissors, where if you lose you create a train behind the person who beat you. 
  2. Modified Chuck The Chicken - Two teams battling to get one teammate around their circle the fastest. The team rolls a bowling pin away from the other team. While the team runs to get the bowling pin and pass it back to the end of their team, the team who threw it has one person running around them and for each complete circle they get one point. When the opposing team gets the bowling pin to the end of the line. they roll the pin away from them, and it is their turn to try and get points.
  3. Movement Game - Everyone walks around giving high fives, until the teacher calls out groups of 3. Students have to make groups of three as fast as possible and if anyone is left out they get to say something about them self. Everyone then continues walking but you can add math so "groups of 6-4" etc.
  4. Rock Star- Everyone gets into a group of four, and determine who is their lead singer, guitar player, drummer, and bass player. The teacher can then throw a spin on it, lead singers over here and such. You now have 4 teams, with friends split up.

  "We Will Rock You"...By Tinikling
Jump rope and dancing to a beat! Create a beat by tapping two poles together on the ground and against each other. This activity requires coordination by both tappers and the dancers in the middle; it's a combination of jump roping and dance. This activity can be done with ANY age group.

Shake You Sol: A Learn To Groove, Hip - Hop Journey!
This dance class was journey with no rules, no boundaries hip-hop basics class. It was an upbeat session that helped reconnect with your funky self, fill you with high energy and have you feeling and dancing like a hip-hop dancer at your own pace.

Friday Nov. 19th

What's In Your WALLET? Winning Activities Learners Love Every Time! 

This was an action packed session filled with FUN tried and tested activities that will keep your students moving and grooving to a wide variety of challenging physical skills. We were able to play these activities and put some ideas into our WALLET, with some neat, innovative games and activities that learners will love every time.

Let's Play! Physical And Lifelong Activities For Youth
 This session provided us with activities that will help to motivate students  to get physically active for more then just a physical education period! While integrating other subject area's into physical education and better understanding of their bodies, students can set goals they can obtain. We had the opportunity to play, have fun and learn how to lead students to a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Floor Tennis
Floor tennis is an exciting way to teach tennis skills in a small space. All you need is some ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, duck tape, a blue tarp, some traffic cones, and some conduit. Sounds like  your a contractor? No just a resourceful PE teacher!

Saturday Nov. 20th

Saturday was the conclusion of the conference, with only a few sessions offered. We took the time wander around the exhibition looking at different Colleges booths, and outside contractors booths for new equipment. Overall the session was very informational and fun.What other profession can say that their profession development is fun while being informational?

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