Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Strike For Lab D

When assigned Lab D, I thought to myself, " I have a month to come up with a lesson for bowling?, no problem!". As the date for the lesson crew closer and I began to start working on the lesson and bowling packet for lab D, I started saying,"I'm an idiot for thinking I could do this in a matter of a few hours." Lab D has really shown me how much preparation goes into a lesson, as well as a unit plan. You have to consider the proper task progressions for the age, the equipment you have available to you, the terminology your students are going to have to be familiar with, and how you expect to get all this information across to them in the few days you have for the unit.

My Unit Plan Packet
Lesson Plan

Overall my lesson went very well, and smooth once it began. As I arrived to the bowling alley I noticed a lot of cars, and buses and began to think, who would be at a bowling alley at 11 am on a Wednesday.  When I walked inside I got my answer and began to panic, there was an senior citizen's league, and a high school gym class playing, which left only four scattered lanes open. After talking to the manager I was assured that the high school class would be leaving, and we began to set up with the eight end lanes. As I began to set up the projector, and Nintendo Wii, I realized I didn't have the proper cord to connect them together, adding yet another panic to the preparation. Professor Yang luckily ran back to the lab to get me the right projector, teaching me a valuable lesson, to check all of your equipment the day before your lesson!

As everything came together, and the tape began to roll, I quickly jumped into character. I was able to give feedback to just about everyone in the class, and my little cue cards were prefect for intra-task variation. Roughly half the class was working on the four step approach, while the other half worked on the proper arm swing. Each student was assessed during the opening activity of bowling a few frames to get a feel for the alleys compared to the gym floor, and I determined who needed to work on which skill. In my demonstration students were briefed quickly about being safe, and respectful while in the bowling alley, as well as being very encouraging to their lane partners with high fives and positive feedback. Rob, and Holly were the first group to do a great job with encouragement, and as a reward they were allowed to play on the Nintendo wii, and see how many pins they could knock down with the 100 pin game. Overall I was very happy with my lesson, and it looked like everyone enjoyed bowling as well. Sometimes its not all about working on perfecting skills through drills and activities, but instead trying to get a little better each day with a smile and laughter!

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