Friday, February 10, 2012

Week Four At Tully Elementary

Monday - 2/6/12
Today I got the opportunity to attend a faculty meeting, and I was unsure what to expect. As we entered the cafeteria the room was set up in a circle so everyone could see each other, and I soon got to find out why. A group of teachers had attended training the week prior and they were going to present some of the things they had learned at the “responsive classroom training”.  We did some activities that I honestly felt were a waste of a time, but I can see how they may work much better in a classroom setting than PE.  The highlight of the meeting for me was at the end, when principle Suddaby asked if anyone had comments one of the teachers said “I would like to say the PE dept with their minute to win it unit is great, my students are loving it, and are always excited to come in to check their scores In the halls. They can’t stop talking about it and it’s exactly what this school needs!” Other teachers also chimed in about their classes loving it as well and it made me feel great to know my hard work was working out so well. It was also great to hear the classroom teachers supporting it as well, many of them will stop in the hallway and check the scores with their classes to show some involvement. Today showed me that when you go the extra mile teachers start to talk, and getting the teachers to back you can make your unit even stronger.

Tuesday – 2/7/12
Today was the longest day so far as I put in fourteen hours! It was a long day of classes to begin with as we prepared for our new stations tomorrow and then I had an away game for basketball. Since we travel with the 8th grade team, we have to stay and watch their game after ours is done which adds an extra hour and a half, but on top of that today was the “once a season” stop at McDonalds.  The girls were all excited and brought their money with them to the game, but I couldn’t help but think what are we teaching our athletes by doing this? I understand everyone (for the most part) likes fast food, especially McDonalds, but to add to that McDonalds also offers free meals to the coaches who bring their teams in. Is this the right thing for our athletes? From my exercise physiology class I understand after competition it’s important to get some form of food back into your system to recover but I feel that we shouldn’t be having our athletes eating McDonald’s. We should be encouraging them to go home and eat a healthy variety of food. I guess overall it’s not horrible if they go once a season, but teams that frequently stop should consider the impact it is having on their team.

Wednesday – 2/8/12
Today was the start of our new stations and I was lucky enough to over sleep my first alarm this morning. As I rushed to get ready I did in fact leave late and get to school later than I had hoped to set everything up. I was lucky enough to finish setting up right as the first class walked in to get changed but it has taught me a valuable lesson.  I was smart enough the day before to set the equipment for today aside, which let me quickly pull it all out into the gym instead of having to search through the closet to find it all.  Overall the day went smooth after set up.

Thursday – 2/9/12
Today I am very proud of my 1st grade class. This is my class that has __, my ape student with CP. Our new stations are a little more difficult than the last set and I didn’t even think about modifications for him. As we got started I didn’t even have to modifications because the students in his group assisted him and made things easier so he could also do them. For example we had a station “fish sticks” where you had to get the fish from your boat to house otherwise the fish would swim away. The poly spots I had put out were too far for him, but I had extra poly spots on the side. A student in his group simply took another poly spot and put it closer so he could be successful. It was at the perfect spot as he did miss and also made a few in. It was a great to see how students help him out without even being asked and he was smiling and laughing with them as they took turns. Today showed me students can surprise you with their intelligence. I never thought students would help him out like that today, and it was great to see I can trust his group to help him out in class.

Friday - 2/10/12
Today was only a half day, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This week has flown by and I needed a day to just catch up and get prepared for next week. Overall the week has gone very well, and I’m pleased with the work my students have been doing. It’s been great to see everyone coming in and working as hard as possible. As I reflect on things that have gone well I can’t help but continue to think why students are so in love with the xavix step counter. From my own observation I think the reason students are so addicted to it is because of the instant feedback. Students are able to track their progress quickly and continue to challenge themselves each and every time they get a turn. I believe the feedback paired with the human beings desire for competition is what is keeping students so attracted to the xavix. If this is correct it’s a great lesson learned. I think finding a way to give students that instant feedback in PE is a great way to keep kids excited for class, but how would to do it is the question.

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