Friday, February 10, 2012

Week One At Tully Elementary

Wednesday – 1/18/2012
Today was my first day at Tully elementary, and it was a long one. Today we had six classes with alternating grades and units, so we were constantly tearing down the gym equipment and re setting up new equipment. For the month of January we also do not have access to the gymnasium for class so we must utilize the “gym/cafeteria” area as well as a “playroom” (Multi-purpose room).  It’s amazing to see how the physical educators must utilize every space possible in order to insure student learning. My host teacher Ms. Drumm welcomed me right away this morning but we quickly had to prepare for the first class. Today for the majority of the time I just observed how she interacts with the students and how the students interact with each other. Ms. Drumm has shown me that if you give respect, respect will be given back. Students understand that the more they goof around the less time they have to get out into the gym and be active. With that said I also noticed a difference between grades in their respect. The younger students K-2 had to be reminded to sit down and focus, where as the older kids 3-6 had to be reminded to sit, not talk, and to not play with the equipment while directions are being given. The important lesson to take from today is to not let students get away with too much off task behavior during the instructional portion of the lesson, because if it is allowed the amount of behavior will just continually escalate. 

Thursday - 1/19/2012
Today I was approved to assistant coach 7th grade girl’s basketball. Coach V, the school psychologist has been coaching the team for several years and is a basketball expert. Not knowing basketball past the recreational level I was nervous to be assisting the team. Coach V assured me that any knowledge of the game I had would be of help to the girls as only four had ever played basketball before.  Practice went well and I was asked to run a drill, as well as jump in to make even numbers for a passing drill. At the end of the day it made me notice how a teacher or school worker in general can wear many hats during the day. Coach V works with students during the day to help them work out troubles at home, as well as seek out extra assistance for those students who potentially have an impairment or disability. After school Mr. V switches roles to Coach V, and a mentor. Since Mr. V works in the Elementary school the majority of the girls have grown up around him. The girls have become so comfortable with him, they are always asking him for advice with high school questions and other outside school situations. This opportunity to work with Mr. Vis going to be an excellent chance to see how to transition from different roles and still keep that professional and friendly relationship with students.

Friday – 1/20/2012
Today was my first day with ___ in APE. He is a kindergartener with cerebral palsy, who receives one on one APE twice a week. When he rolled into the classroom in his wheelchair and spotted me he got a gigantic smile on his face and said Hello! As he was assisted out of his chair so he could maneuver around the activities I got to talk to him for a few minutes.  Ms. Drumm told me how he is only allowed to participate in PE when he is in APE and that in class he has to sit there for 40 minutes and watch the rest of his classmates participate. He in turn began to talk stating “yea, I don’t understand why I have to sit there and watch class; all I want to do is go out there and have some fun like everyone else!” This in turn made me laugh at how cute he was, but at the same time made me realize how much it really affects him. When students come to PE they look forward to having the chance to get out of the classroom and have some fun learning with their classmates. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves through movement and interaction with their classmates, as well as a chance to show off some of their skills. Although he cannot run or walk as well as most students, his throwing ability is wonderful and I would say up to pare with the other kindergarten classes we have. Today has really shown me how much students look forward to PE but some just take it for granted. There are plenty of students who come in and do anything not to participate, where as He would do anything to come into a general PE class and participate with everyone else.

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